Information on burning a train in Shanghai by a group of demonstrators on 6 June 1989 [CHN7203]

According to the joint report of The Associated Press and Reuters, in the aftermath of the Tiananmen Square massacre, six unspecified people who were manning a barricade on a rail line near the Shanghai Train Station were run over by "an out-of-control train" on 6 June 1989 ("Protest Spreads to Other Cities", 8 June 1989, p. 1). Shanghai Radio claims that "members of the crowd" set a railway car on fire, beat up 21 railway security officers and attacked the fire fighters who were trying to extinguish the fire (Ibid.).
While reporting different anti-government activities in Shanghai in the wake of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, an article in The New York Times claims that a train "plowed" into six people blocking the tracks in the vicinity of the Shanghai Train Station on 6 June 1989 ("Students in Shanghai Wage War of Buses with Officials", 8 June 1989, p. 1). The article reports a prevailing view according to which the Chinese authorities ordered the train crew to ignore the human blockade (Ibid., p. 2). Following the accident, the angry protestors reportedly set nine passenger cars of the train and six police sidecar motorcycles ablaze ("Students in Shanghai wage War of Buses with Officials", 8 June 1989, p. 2).
The Los Angeles Times reports that an unspecified number of protestors set fire to a train on 6 June 1989 after it roared into Shanghai's rail station and killed six and wounded six more student protestors who were manning a barricade near the tracks ("Crowd Torches Shanghai Train After it Rams, Kills 6 Protestors", 7 June 1989, p. 1)
Amnesty International reports the imposition of the death penalty to three workers for their alleged involvement in setting fire to a train after it ran into and killed at least six people in Shanghai on 6 June 1989 ("Fear of Mass Summary Executions", 16 June 1989, P. 1).
Further information on the subject is currently unavailable to the IRBDC.

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