Iran Says More Than 30 Terrorist Suspects Arrested


November 10, 2015

Iran says more than 30 terrorist suspects have been recently arrested in the country.

Intelligence Minister Mahmud Alavi said on November 10 that “more than 20 terrorist elements" were detained at the borders before crossing into Iraq to join militants there and in Syria.

He said more than 10 suspects have been arrested in several provinces -- including Mazandaran and Sistan-Baluchistan -- for planning alleged terrorist attacks. 

Alavi added that Russia’s air campaign in Syria has increased the pressure on Iran to maintain security.

“The pressure on the terrorist current caused by Russia’s military campaign has led enemies to increase their attempts to challenge the security of the Islamic republic,” Alavi was quoted as saying.

Iran supports the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad with financial and military aid.

Tehran refers to all anti-Assad groups, including moderate groups and the extremist Islamic State group, as terrorists. 

Iranian authorities often announce the arrests of terror suspects without releasing details.

With reporting by AP, IRNA, and ISNA