Information on the Federación de Estudiantes Universitarios Salvadoreños (FEUS) and its involvement in students demonstrations in 1988-1989. [SLV2903]

There is no information describing the Federación de Estudiantes Universitarios Salvadoreños (FEUS) in the sources available at present to the IRBDC. However, there is a reference to FEUS in the El Salvador Chronology [El Salvador Chronology (El Rescate, Los Angeles: Jan 1989) p.11]. The report indicates that the "Student organization FEUS says thirty students have been captured in recent weeks by the Treasury Police...".

To expand on university students in El Salvador, please find attached a copy of information request No. 885 prepared by the IRBDC, which describes how students and faculty specially in San Salvador are considered 'subversive.'

Attached also find media reports from El Salvador describing a university students demonstration on 13 Sept. 1988, in which numerous students were detained by security forces. For early 1989, please find attached a excerpt of El Salvador Chronology, which reported on soldiers opening fire on a student demonstration held at the gates of the university. [Ibid, p. 16.]