Information on René Olivares, Secretary General of the Chilean Federation of Print Workers (FOICH), found dead in Viña del Mar on September 18, 1973, and Argentinean Refugee Policy regarding acceptance of Chileans as refugees. [CHL0823]

According to Trade Unions of the World: Chile (Detroit: Gale Research Company, 1987), numerous union leaders were executed in 1973. No specific names or positions could be found among the sources available to the IRBDC at present.

In September 1988, Argentina was reported to be granting protection and assistance to approximately 4,250 refugees; the majority being Chileans. These refugees included Chilean trade unionists, student leaders and active members of opposition political parties. For details of refugee determination and assistance in Argentina, please see the attached document:
- World Refugee Reports, (Washington: Department of State Bureau for Refugee Programs, September 1988), p. 52.