Information on the ownership of the land which is settled by Palestinian refugees and which is administered by the United Nations Work and Relief Agency (UNWRA) [LBN12301]

According to the director of the Legal Department at United Nations Work and Relief Agency (UNWRA) in Vienna, Austria, the mandate of UNWRA is to provide services to Palestinian refugees when invited by the government of Lebanon (20 Nov. 1992). For instances where UNWRA requires premises like buildings for clinics or land for camps, it rents these facilities from the owner or the government (Ibid.). The director added that some Palestinian camps are not under the supervision of UNWRA (Ibid.). Additional and/or corroborating information on this subject is currently unavailable to the IRBDC in Ottawa.


Legal Department, United Nations Work and Relief Agency (UNWRA), Austria. 20 November 1992. Telephone Interview with director.