Militants In Iraq Kill 20 Soldiers

May 11, 2014

Militants have killed 20 Iraqi soldiers after attacking a military base in northern Iraq.

Officials said most of the soldiers were kidnapped by a large group of armed men from a military base at Ain al-Jahash, south of Mosul, on May 10.

The militants left the base with many of the soldiers in several vehicles.

Some of the soldiers died at the military base.

The bodies of the men who were abducted were later found in the area. Many of them had their hands tied behind their backs.

The soldiers were there to guard a nearby oil pipeline and important highway.

The attack comes nearly one month after militants killed 12 soldiers and wounded 15 at a military base west of Mosul.

Violence in Iraq this year has led to the deaths of thousands of people.
Based on reporting by AP and AFP