Information on legal status of homosexual relations and recent reports of "gay bashing" or assaults on homosexuals [ARG10803]

Information on the status of homosexuals in Argentina, other than that already available to the requester in the form of previous Responses and other material, could not be found among the sources currently available to the IRBDC. As indicated in two recent Responses, additional information has been requested from two Argentine and one Canadian Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). Any information received by the IRBDC before the hearing date indicated in your Information Request form will be immediately forwarded to you.

Response to Information Request ARG5808 quotes The New State of the World Atlas (map #55), indicating that sexual relationships between men reportedly were "unlawful and repressed" in Argentina at the end of 1986. The same source indicates that "Gay consciousness as reflected in political and social organization of gay men, end-1986" had been increasing in Argentina. The World Human Rights Guide (p. 17) is also quoted in that Response, indicating that the right "to practise homosexuality between consenting adults" exists for people over age 22. A third, more recent publication, indicates in a map that homosexuality in Argentina is legal although sometimes repressed ("Légale mais parfois réprimée") (Guillebaud et al 1989, 105). The map, however, quotes as its sources of information the two publications quoted in Response to Information Request ARG5808.


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