Large public demonstrations by the Mojahedin in Tehran in 1980-81, and the approximate size of such crowds. [IRN6319]

Sources currently available at the IRBDC in Ottawa indicate that there were large demonstrations by the Mojahedin and their supporters in Tehran through 1980-81. Ervand Abrahamian, in his book Radical Islam: The Iranian Mojahedin, states that in the time period February to May 1980 there was a Mojahedin rally, "which drew 200 000 participants" (1989, p. 199). The same source claims that the Mojahedin supported a "series of mass demonstrations, notably on 5 March, 27 April and 13-14 June 1981. On March 5 at Tehran University Bani-Sadr addressed a rally of 100 000 ... On April 27 the Mojahedin organized a mass march in central Tehran ... which attracted over 150 000" (p.216).

These reports are corroborated in Dilip Hiro's Iran Under the Ayatollahs which states that in June of 1981 the Mojahedin, and other supporters of Bani-Sadr, held a rally which "brought out an estimated 200 000 people into the streets of central Tehran" (1987, p. 182)

No further corroborating evidence is currently available among the sources at the IRBDC in Ottawa.

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