1. The situation of Pashtuns in areas of Afghanistan where they form a minority: do they face any forms of discrimination, and if so, is this discrimination by the State and its agents, and/or by private individuals? 2. Information relating to intra-tribal conflicts, i.e. conflicts between Pashtun families belonging to rival families within the Pashtun tribes. What are such conflicts about, and how (if at all) are they resolved? 3. Pashtuns in areas where the Taliban (and/or other AGEs) is in (partial) control: do Pashtuns perceive there to be a problem in terms of forced recruitment by the Taliban and/or other AGEs? If so, what methods are used by the Taliban/AGEs to forcibly recruit men (and boys?) 4. Pashtuns in areas where the Taliban is in (partial) control: what is the perception of ordinary Pashtuns in terms of the parallel justice mechanisms used by the Taliban? [Afg0115.2]