Confirmation that Ramalay-Baida is an ultra-right Muslim-controlled sector in East Beirut. [LBN5933]

An on-line search has produced the following information on the West Beirut suburb of Ramlet el Baida. "The Iranian Embassy is situated in the seafront district of Ramlet al-Baida..." [Thomas L. Friedman, "Suspicion in Beirut is Now Focused on a Shiite Splinter Group", The New York Times, 27 October 1983.];
"...the southern west Beirut neighborhoods of ... Ramat al-Baida" [ Thomas L. Friedman, "Israeli Armor Hits at PLO Positions at Beirut Airport", The New York Times, 1 August 1982.]; "...western city's 10 square miles...the danger zone begins at Ramlet Baida, once an upper-class neighbourhood with a beach to rival Rio's" [ Jonathan C. Randal, "'Safe' Part of Beirut Shrinks as Israelis Seem Ready to Move", The Washington Post, 20 June 1982.]; "the plush Ramlet al-Baida residential neighbourhood of mostly Moslem West Beirut". [ "Iraq Embassy Car Attacked in Beirut, One Killed", AP, 27 February 1981.]