Information on the Movement for Freedom and Justice (MFJ) and whether it is allowed to openly organize or recruit members; 2) Information on whether individuals who participated in the MFJ before the new constitution would face harassment if returned [GHA11485]

1) Index on Censorship (Aug. 1992) reports that the Movement for Freedom and Justice (MFJ) has remained vocal in its demands for a return to multiparty democracy in Ghana. The report adds that the MFJ, which was formed in August 1990, is comprised of groups of professional bodies and the National Union of Students who maintain strong political views. The MFJ reportedly continues to suffer "blatant harassement," including the "arrest of some of its leaders and disruption of its meetings and rallies by the police" (Ibid.). However, the report does not indicate whether the MFJ has been legally banned by the Ghanaian authorities, nor whether the MFJ was banned from registration with the Interim National Electoral Commission (INEC) in order to participate in the up-coming elections. For further information on this subject, please refer to the attached documents.

2) Attached please find two articles published by West Africa ( 23 Dec. 1991-5 Jan. 1992; 3-9 June 1991) which report on MFJ leaders being detained by the Ghanaian authorities. Information on the changes in policy pertaining to the treatment of 'returning' MFJ members after the drafting of the new constitution is currently unavailable to the IRBDC in Ottawa.


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