Information on a list of military personnel still wanted by the Ethiopian government to stand trial for war crimes; on what measures are being taken by the government to locate those still wanted; on whether family members still in Ethiopia or returning to Ethiopia are being harassed or detained; and on who were the senior ranked military personnel stationed in Asmera between 1987 and 1991 [ETH21686.E]

A list of military personnel still wanted by the current Ethiopian government to stand trial could not be found among the sources consulted by the DIRB. According to Human Rights Watch/Africa, 28 officials currently on trial are in hiding or in exile (Dec. 1994, 16).

According to the Immigration and Naturalization Service Profile Series on Ethiopia, Amnesty International has received reports of family members of Mengistu officials now in detention being "questioned or subjected to surveillance, but is not aware of any jailings of family members solely for their familial relationships" (Dec. 1994, 5-6).

A list of senior-ranked military officers stationed in Asmera for the period 1987-1991 could not be found among the sources consulted by the DIRB. However, what follows is a partial listing of senior-ranked officials in the Ethiopian military for the period 1987-1991 obtained from various media sources as identified.

According to the Ethiopian Review (ER), Africa Confidential (AC) and New African (NA) publications, the following individuals were in Asmera or Eritrea at various times during the period 1987-1991: Gen. Qumilachew Dejene (ER Apr. 1994, 34), Brig.-Gen. Kumlatchew Dejene (AC 26 May 1989, 2), Brig.-Gen. Kumlachen Djene (NA July 1989, 10), Gen. Tesfaye Gebre Kidan (ER Apr. 1994, 34), Gen. Demise Bulto (ibid., 37), Maj.-Gen. Demissie Bulto (AC 26 May 1989, 2), Maj.-Gen. Demese Bilto (NA July 10), Gen. Afework Wolde Mikael (ER Apr. 1994, 37), Gen. Kebede Mehari (ibid., 37), Gen. Kebede Mehari (AC 26 May 1989, 3), Brig.-Gen. Kebede Mehari (NA July 1989, 10), Gen. Tegene Bekele (ER Apr. 1994, 37), Gen. Taye Balakir (ibid., 37), Brig.-Gen. Taye Belker (NA July 1989, 10), Gen. Kebede Wolde Tsadiq (ER Apr. 1994, 37), Gen. Kebede Wolde Tsadiq (AC 26 May 1989, 3), Brig.-Gen. Kebede Woldetsadik (NA July 1989, 10), Gen. Tadesse Tessema (ER Apr. 1994, 37), Brig.-Gen. Tadesse Tesema (NA July 1989, 10), Gen. Nigussie Zergaw (ER Apr. 1994, 37), Brig.-Gen. Nigusse Zergaw (NA July 1989, 10), Dr./Col. Getachew (ER Apr. 1994, 37), Brig.-Gen. Worku Cherinet (AC 26 May 1989, 3), Brig.-Gen. Worku Cherenet (NA July 1989, 10), Brig.-Gen. Hussein Ahmed (AC 26 May 1989, 2), Maj.-Gen. Merid Negussie (AC 1 Apr. 1987, 5), Maj.-Gen. Mered Negusse (NA July 1989, 10), Maj.-Gen. Ragaza Jimma (AC 1 Apr. 1987, 5), Maj.-Gen. Ragazza Jimma (ibid., 2), Brig.-Gen. Tariku Aine (AC 29 Apr. 1988, 2), Brig.-Gen. Kebede Gashaw (ibid., 2), Col. Girma Taffera (ibid., 2), Shoareged Bihogne (ibid., 2), Col. Aferwork Wassie (ibid., 2) and Brig.-Gen. Temesgen Gemechu (AC 1 July 1988, 3). The Ethiopian Human Rights Council also mentions military officers serving in Eritrea in 1991: Mekonnin Wolde-Hawariyat (Mar. 1995, 115) and L/Col. Bellete K/Yimer (Mar. 1994, 17).

According to the April 1994 edition of the Ethiopian Review, the following were colonels in the Ethiopian military: Mengistu Gemechu, Legasse Asfaw and Tesfaye Wolde Selassie (37). Other high ranking officers mentioned in the same edition include the following: Gen. Alemayehu Desta, Gen. Worku Zewde, Gen. Solomon Begashaw, Gen. Desalegn Abebe, Gen. Tesfa Desta, Gen. Genanaw Mengistu, Gen. Zewde Gebreyes, Gen. Negash Woldeyes and Gen. Tesfaye Terfe (37).

Still other upper-ranked Ethiopian military personnel include the following: Gen. Hailu Gebre Mikael (ER Apr. 1994, 37), Gen. Hailu Gebre Michael (AC 9 June 1989, 7), Gen. Erqyihun Baisa (ER Apr. 1994, 37), Brig.-Gen. Arkiyihun Beys (NA July 1989, 10), Gen. Engida Wolde Amlak (ER Apr. 1994, 37), Brig.-Gen. Engida Woldeamiak (NA July 1989, 10), Brig.-Gen. Getachew Shibeshi (AC 26 May 1989, 1), Maj.-Gen. Amha Desta (ibid., 1), Maj.-Gen. Ameha Destra (NA July 1989, 10), Maj.-Gen. Haile Wolde Gioghis (AC 26 May 1989, 2), Maj.-Gen. Mulatu Nagash (ibid., 2), Maj.-Gen. Fanta Belay (AC 1 Apr. 1987, 5; NA July 1989, 10), Maj.-Gen. Fanta Belai (AC 26 May 1989, 2), Maj.-Gen. Haile Giorghis Habte Mariam (AC 1 Apr. 1987, 5), Maj.-Gen. Hailegiorghis Habtemariam (NA July 1989, 10), Brig.-Gen. Gebreyes Wolde Hanna (AC 29 Apr. 1988, 1), Brig.-Gen. Mesfin Gebrekai (AC 29 Apr. 1988, 1), Maj.-Gen. Kinfe-Gabriel Dinku (AC 29 Apr. 1988, 3), Maj.-Gen. Abebe Gebreyes (AC 29 Apr. 1988, 3), Col. Hailu Gebre Yohannes (AC 1 July 1988, 2), Brig.-Gen. Ketema Ayitenfisu (NA July 1989, 10), Brig.-Gen. Negash Wede (ibid.) and Brig.-Gen. Bihaylu Kebede (ibid.).

This Response was prepared after researching publicly accessible information currently available to the DIRB within time constraints. This Response is not, and does not purport to be, conclusive as to the merit of any particular claim to refugee status or asylum.


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