Grim Video Appears Of Czech Women Kidnapped In Pakistan

 October 30, 2013
A new video of two young Czech women who were kidnapped in southern Pakistan seven months ago has been made public by their families.

The video, released on October 30, shows Antonie Chrastecka, 25, and Hana Humpalova, 24, who were abducted while traveling by bus through southern Pakistan's Balochistan region en route to India.

Recorded on August 23, the clip indicated the two were being held separately.

In English, Humpalova says she is in poor health because of the food and water.

"In case of my death," Humpalova is shown saying, "I would like to be buried and put down in the grave of my father's family." She breaks into tears several times as she expresses private wishes toward her family and loved ones.

Chrastecka, in English, urges the Czech government to pressure the Pakistani government into meeting their kidnappers' demands. She then changes to her native Czech to express her "final wish, when I die, please speak of me in superlatives and pray for me," and speaks of arrangements for her funeral.

In a previous video, the two Czech women said the kidnappers were demanding the release of a Pakistani national imprisoned in the United States.

Based on reporting by Reuters and CTK