Document request. [SDN5346]

Attached please find the requested materials on Sudan:
-Reports on Sudan, News From Africa Watch, Washington: Human Rights Watch:
"Sudan: The June Coup d'Etat: Fifty Days On", 22 August 1989.
"Sudan: Destruction of the Independent Secular Judiciary - Military Government Clamps Down On Press Freedom", 25 September 1989.
"Political Detainees in Sudan", 27 October 1989.
"Sudan: Khartoum: Government to Execute Peaceful Protesters - The Provinces: Militia Killings and Starvation Return", 7 December 1989.
"Sudan: Recent Developments in Khartoum: An Update", 13 December 1989.
"Political Detainees in Sudan - Journalists, Poets and Writers", 8 January 1990.
"Political Detainees in Sudan - Medical Doctors", 12 January 1990.
"Political Detainees in Sudan - Academics", 22 January 1990.
"Political Detainees In Sudan - Lawyers", 22 January 1990.
"Political Detainees in Sudan - Trade Unionists", 22 January 1990.
"Sudan: The Massacre in Jebelein", 23 January 1990.
"Sudan: The Forgotten War in Darfur Flares Again", 6 April 1990.
"Sudan: Threat to Women's Status From Fundamentalist Regime - Dismissals, Arrests and Restrictions on Women's Activities", 9 April 1990.
-Sudan: Prisoners of Conscience Detained Without Trial, London: Amnesty International Publications, December 1989, AFR 54\23\89.
-Sudan: Imprisonment of Prisoners of Conscience, London: Amnesty International Publications, February 1990, AFR 54\06\90.
-Various articles from the African Research Bulletin: Political Series, Nr. Crediton: Africa Research Ltd., from January 1989 to April 1990.
- "Sudan: More Brothers", Dateline, Africa Confidential, vol.31 No.8, London: Miramoor Publications, 20 April 1990.