Information on whether a person born in Germany in 1971 of an Iranian father and a German mother, and who subsequently resides in Iran as of 1976, needs the permission of the German mother to obtain residence in Germany [DEU14721]

According to a representative of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ottawa, a child born in 1971 of a German mother would legally take the nationality of the father, in this case Iranian nationality (28 July 1993). The representative further indicated that unless the mother made a declaration between 1975 and 1977 to claim German nationality for her child, as far as the German authorities are concerned, the child would remain an Iranian national (Ibid.). In order to return to Germany the person would need to apply for a visa and provide a resident's address to certify that provision will be made for his/her financial needs (Ibid.). This requirement means that the mother, or someone from the mother's family would have to give his/her consent in order for the visitor to travel to Germany (Ibid.).

No additional and/or corroborating information is currently available to the DIRB in Ottawa.


Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Ottawa. 28 July 1993. Telephone Interview with Representative.