A radio program called "Jesus Wants to Heal You" directed by Msgr. Zenon Corrales [NIC32103.E]

During a 6 July 1999 a representative of Radio Católica in Managua stated that Msgr. Zenon Corrales was until recently the director of Radio Hermanos in Matagalpa, a religious station and sister organization of Radio Católica. The representative added that Msgr. Corrales was recently replaced as director of the radio station by a disciple of his, Father Carlos Velazquez.

A senior staff member of Radio Hermanos stated during a 6 July 1999 telephone interview that the program "Jesús Quiere Sanarte" (Jesus Wants to Heal You or Jesus Wants to Cure You) is a local program broadcast live from the Capilla del Santísimo (Chapel of the Holy Saint) of the Matagalpa Cathedral, Monday to Friday, between 9 and 10 in the morning. The broadcast could be described as mostly a prayer program, in which the conducting priest and others present at the chapel pray for the sick or others in need. The program was directed by Father (Msgr.) Zenon Corrales until December 1998, and ceased broadcasting for approximately a month and a half after Father Corrales left. In December 1998 Father Corrales stopped working at the radio and was removed from the archdiocese as a precaution, as rape allegations against him produced a scandal that caused great commotion in Matagalpa. Father (Msgr.) Carlos Velazquez replaced Father Corrales as director of the radio station, and after the month and a half that Jesús Quiere Sanarte was off the air, the program began broadcasting again under the direction of Father Velazquez.

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