Domicile system in Pakistan, its problems and role as a barrier to citizens' mobility in Pakistan [PAK4720]

Very little information is currently available to the IRBDC regarding the Domicile system in Pakistan. An article in the Far Eastern Economic Review of 1 December 1988 mentions that there are domicile certificates that allow residents in a province to vote locally or take up certain jobs. Another reference to Domicile certificates is that found in an unpublished paper by Iftikhar H. Malik of the Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad, presented to a conference of South Asian Studies at the University of Toronto in December 1989. In this paper, Professor Malik mentions that the MQM movement has been protesting against "the misuse of quota of Sindh by non-Sindhis by acquiring fraudulent domicile certificates." No further information on this topic is currently available to the IRBDC. The article from the Far Eastern Economic Review and the page containing the reference from Professor Malik's paper are attached.