Information on the acquisition of Panamanian nationality by a person born abroad of a Panamanian father [PAN10655]

According to an information officer of the Consulate of Panama in Toronto, a person who is born of at least one Panamanian parent has in principle the right to become a Panamanian national (15 Apr. 1992). The interested party, however, must have his/her birth registered with Panamanian authorities (Ibid.). Some proof of the parent's Panamanian nationality would likely be requested at the time of registration (Ibid.). The Consulate of Panama has offered to provide a more detailed response within a week. Any information on the subject received by the IRBDC will be immediately forwarded to you.

The Consulate of Panama in Washington, D.C., added to the above information by indicating that there may not be a time limit for registering, meaning that a person may register his/her birth with Panamanian authorities as an adult (15 Apr. 1992). The source added that a person must be registered in Panama with the Oficina de Registro Público before being granted Panamanian nationality (Ibid.). The interested person's birth may be registered in person or by a third party (Ibid.). Finally, the source stated that the final decision on the acquisition of Panamanian nationality is made by authorities in Panama (Ibid.).

Additional and/or corroborating information could not be found among the sources currently available to the IRBDC.


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Consulate of Panama, Washington, D.C. 15 April 1992. Telephone Interview with Consular Assistant.