Information on a law of the Ministry of Defense pertaining to people who are not capable of combat in time of war. [SUN8775]

According to a 1988 Amnesty International document, a 1967 Soviet law entitled On Universal Military Obligation states that "the only legally-approved ground for release from the obligation to do active military service is physical unfitness. Persons suffering from illness which renders them temporarily unfit for military service, as well as certain categories of students and individuals with family obligations, can have their call-up deferred. Those whose military service is deferred can be re-called to active service at any time until they reach the age of 27" (Amnesty International 1988, 22).
Although there has been some military reform in the USSR since 1988, there is no information currently available to the IRBDC on whether the sections of military law dealing with those persons not capable of performing active service have been changed.
Further information on this topic is currently not available to the IRBDC.

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