Additional information to Response to Information Request IND1378 of 6 July 1989 on the treatment of Hindus in the Punjab [IND13245]

Attached please find six articles on the treatment of Hindus in the Punjab. These articles provide information on a number of armed attacks by Sikh extremist groups on Hindus during the period from March 1992 to December 1992.
Additional information on the above subject is currently unavailable to the DIRB.

Agence France Presse (AFP). 27 March 1992. "Sikh Militants Kill Eight Hindus In Punjab." (NEXIS)

The Associated Press (AP). 19 March 1992. Harbakash Singh Manda. "Punjab Town Targeted for Defying Militants' Election Boycott," pp. 1-2. (NEXIS)

Los Angeles Times. 4 August 1992. "Sikh Rebels Kill 29 Hindu Villagers." (NEXIS)

Reuters. 1 December 1992. "Sikh Militants Kill 16 Bus Passengers in India," pp. 1-2. (NEXIS)

. 14 July 1992. "Sikh Militants Kill 13 in Punjab Shootouts." (NEXIS)

. 10 May 1992. "Sikh Militants Kill 10 Hindus in Punjab Village." (NEXIS)