1. Possible sentence for man who intends only to beat up a man, who then dies after being struck. 2. Sentence for man who pushes another in self defence, the assailant breaks his arm, is there liability? 3. Truck driver skids due to poor weather conditions, passenger dies, can driver be convicted under any act / legislation; if so, what sentence? [TUR3911]

The Documentation Centre in Ottawa does not currently have access to the Turkish Penal Code or other legislation which would provide the penalties for the abovementioned acts. The limited information available to the IRBDC deals with the treatment of political prisoners rather than with those charged with other crimes. Please refer to the Amnesty International attachment (When the State Kills) to response # 3900, which asserts that the death penalty is mandatory for crimes leading to the unjustified execution of another person. [ Amnesty International, When the State Kills, (New York: Amnesty International USA, 1989) pp. 219-220.]