Information concerning the recent power sharing agreement between the Socialist and Democratic Parties [ALB40770.E]

A 2003 report indicated that until the disruption of their cooperation in January, Socialist Party (PS) chairman Fatos Nano and the chairman of the Democratic Party (PD) Sali Berisha had an agreement that saw coordination between the ruling PS and opposition PD parties (Albania 18 Feb. 2003) that began with the leaders jointly backing Alfred Moisiu as the consensus candidate for the Albanian presidency in June 2002 (World Press Review 22 July 2002; RFE/RL 25 June 2002).

Called the PS-PD (Albania 7 Nov. 2002) or the Nano-Berisha agreement (ibid. 13 Feb. 2003; ibid. 18 July 2002; Shekulli 21 Nov. 2002), PS Secretary General Ruci said that it sought to "defend the interests of the two biggest parties ... and the interests of the democratic development in Albania" (Albania 7 Nov. 2002). A second report claimed that the agreement divided political control of major institutions by jointly selecting individuals to direct the secret service, the State Control Commission, the Central Election Commission, the Steering Council of the Radio and Television and the Radio-Television National Council (ibid. 14 Aug. 2002). However, Nano denied this argument and attributed the agreement with reducing the political tension in Albania and allowing institutions to implement reforms (Shekulli 24 Nov. 2002).

An August 2002 Albania commentary described the Nano-Berisha agreement as "secret" (Albania 14 Aug. 2002) while a number of other reports portrayed it a personal arrangement between the party leaders and referred to criticism from and dissention among members of the PS and PD (ATA 6 Jan. 2003; Shekulli 15 Nov. 2002; Albania 11 Oct. 2002; ibid. 18 July 2002). A Shekulli commentator, however, opined that the agreement aimed to change the historical record and thereby benefit Berisha, settle political scores for Nano, continue antagonistic politics and advance their private aims (21 Nov. 2002).

A January 2003 report indicates that dissension between Nano and Berisha concerning the by-election of a PS candidate may end cooperation between the Socialist and Democratic Parties (ATA 6 Jan. 2003; ibid. 7 Jan. 2003). An editorial penned by commentator Besmir Struga stated that Berisha was "no longer interested in supporting the agreement" (Albania 7 Jan. 2003).

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