Information on a royalist group called N.I.M.A. [IRN10928]

According to a representative of an Iranian monarchist group in London (U.K.), the Iranpaad, the N.I.M.A. is the Roman equivalent abbreviation of Nirouhaye Mosallah Iran (the Armed Forces of Iran) in Persian (Farsi) letters (22 May 1992). The source maintains that the N.I.M.A. was founded by General Bahram Aryana (an ex-Chairman of the Chief of Staff of the armed forces of Iran under the Shah) following the Islamic Revolution of 1979. This organization ceased to exit after the death of General Aryana in the early 1980s (Ibid.).
Additional and/or corroborating information on the above subject is currently unavailable to the IRBDC.

Iranpaad, London (U.K.). 22 May 1992. Telephone Interview with Representative.