Information on access by Guangdong residents to foreign radio and television broadcasts or publications [CHN13735]

In addition to the information provided in Responses to Information Requests CHN8288 of 27 March 1991 and CHN1455 of 10 July 1989, which on report reception of Hong Kong radio and television transmissions in southern China, please find attached copies of the articles listed below. These articles report on the coverage of foreign news by Chinese journals and the activities of foreign press representatives in China. Recent (1992-1993) published reports on access by Guangdong residents to foreign radio and television broadcasts or publications could not be found among the sources currently available to the DIRB.

One of the attached articles refers to illegal border crossings and smuggling between Hong Kong and China, as well as to China's perception that Hong Kong is a source of subversion, although the article does not explain the exact nature of this subversion or identify the type of goods smuggled (Asiaweek 23 Oct. 1992, 30). Another attached article refers to a "rising wave of illegal publications," but it is not clear from the report whether any of these publications originate outside China (UPI 27 Jan. 1993). Although some radio programs aimed at international audiences are broadcast in Chinesethe United States' Voice of America (VOA), for exampleand satellite retransmissions of television programs reportedly cover most of the globe, the available reports do not provide information on whether these broadcasts or other transmissions from neighbouring countries are currently received in Guangdong and are accessible to its residents.


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