Information on Sikhs outside of Punjab including status, educational opportunities, position in government and military [IND10916]

The IRBDC has no currently available information on Sikhs outside of Punjab. Some information on Sikhs in the military may be found in IND10592 of 31 March 1992, available on RefInfo.

According to a specialist on India, about 30 percent of Sikhs (who compose 2 percent of the population) live outside of Punjab (26 May 1992). Most tend to be at the higher end of Indian society and occupy more professional and business positions than their numbers would warrant (Ibid.) He stated that in 1986, 30 percent of the military officer corps and 12 to 15 percent of the regular military were Sikhs (Ibid.). In Calcutta and Bombay, Sikhs are largely middle and upper class. They are very prominent in finance and control road transport across North India. At the same time, Sikhs in New Delhi come from all walks of life. (Ibid.)

The IRBDC is unable to corroborate this information at the present time.


Multiculturalism Canada, Ottawa. 26 May 1992. Interview with Specialist on India.