1) Information on the penalties that a soldier would face when failing to report for military service during the Gulf War or in general; 2) Information on the situation of Assyrians (Christians), Kurds, Shi'a, Turcomans, and the al-Dawa organization [IRQ10536]

1) A representative of the Middle East Desk at the Amnesty International Office in London, England, stated that according to Iraqi law, the penalty for a draftee who refuses to join the army is imprisonment (27 Mar. 1992). The representative added that in practice, however, the sentence is sometimes death (Ibid.). For deserters, the Law states that for the first attempt at desertion the penalty is imprisonment and for the second attempt, it is death (ibid.). The representative further reported that in practice the punishment is often death (Ibid.).

2) The representative at Amnesty International stated that membership in al-Dawa is punishable by death and that sentence is also applied retroactively (Ibid.).

Additional and/or corroborating information on this subject is currently unavailable to the IRBDC in Ottawa.

For further information on the above-mentioned subjects please refer to the attached documents.


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