Information on the procedure to obtain a Canadian visitor's visa in Sudan; specifically, whether one must apply in person or whether one spouse can apply on behalf of the other [CAN12177]

A spokesperson for Employment and Immigration Canada provided the following information in a telephone interview on 2 November 1992.

A person in Sudan who wishes to acquire a Canadian visitor's visa can apply either to the British High Commission in Khartoum or the Canadian Embassy in Cairo. Canada has no post in the Sudan. Sudanese can apply by mail, as all Canadian missions accept visa applications by mail. However, the visa officer may wish to have a personal interview with the applicant before granting a visa. Those Sudanese who must be interviewed by a visa officer before a decision is made must wait for an area trip by the embassy staff to the Sudan. According to the spokesperson, the staff in Cairo do not expect all Sudanese to wait for an area trip for an interview and so some visas are approved by mail.

A person can apply for the visa of a spouse through the mail. Depending on the documentation provided in support of the application, the visa officer may wish to interview the person's spouse before a decision is made.

Additional and/or corroborating information on this topic is not currently available to the DIRB.


International Migration Division, Employment and Immigration Canada, Ottawa. 2 November 1992. Telephone Interview with Spokesperson.