Information on the situation of ethnic Ukrainians [MDA13196]

The attached Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty report, "Ukraine and Moldova: The View From Kiev," provides the best general synopsis of information pertaining to the situation of ethnic Ukrainians in Moldova currently available to the DIRB. The attached excerpt from The Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe staff delegation's report on a trip to Moldova in summer 1992 provides commentary on the situation of Ukrainians by individuals who were interviewed by members of the delegation. In addition, please find attached two articles from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty which provide brief references to Ukrainians in Moldova and may therefore be of interest to you.

Most of the documentation on Moldova currently available to the DIRB provides details of the on-going conflict in the Dniester region of Moldova and is not specific to the situation of Ukrainians. A New York Times report on the conflict states that "supporters of Trans-Dniestrian separation from Moldova, most of whom are Russians and Ukrainians, say they suffered discrimination in Moldova..." (25 June 1992). Keesing's notes that Ukrainians have been among those people fleeing the region as a result of the conflict (1992, 38828). Additional information on internal conflict and/or the general human rights situation in Moldova is available upon request.


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