Turbans in Pakistan. [PAK0236]

Turbans are worn by men in both Sindh and Punjab. There is no cultural or religious compulsion among Pakistani Muslims, however, to wear a turban. As individual preference determines who wears a turban, it is impossible to determine a person's ethno-linguistic affiliation on the basis of whether he wears one. In large urban centres, most men choose not to wear a turban regularly, confining their use of the apparel to ceremonial occasions.
The style of turbans worn, particularly for ceremonial purposes, are often associated with a particular region and group of people. In the context of Pakistan, however, Punjab and Sindh occupy contiguous geographic areas of the country and ,therefore, there may be a uniformity of style amongst those sections of both ethnic groups that have long been living in propinquity, although stylistic variation would be more pronounced in areas further away from the cultural fracture zone along the provincial border.