Information on a publicized government list of defectors. [LBR6675]

Information regarding a publicized government list of defectors is currently unavailable at the IRBDC. However, there are reports of a number of government officials who have abandoned their posts as a result of rebel troop advances (West Africa, 2-8 July 1990). Corroborating information is found in the BBC report where the names of three warrant officers alleged to have fled the fighting were published in a liberian newspaper (BBC Summary of World Broadcasts report of 21 April 1990 and The New York Times, 5 July 1990).

For further information, please consult the attached excerpts from the following documents:
-"Liberian Troops Desert to Guinea", BBC Summary of World Broadcasts, 21 April 1990.
-"Liberian Officer is said to Desert", The New York Times, 5 July 1990.
-"Liberia Proposes Mutual Troop Withdrawal", The United Press International, 14 June 1990.
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