Information on Colonel Cienfuegos, Director of the Press Office of the Armed Forces. [SLV4171]

According to Records of World Events, (London: Longman, Vol. XXX1, 1985, No. 7), p. 33715, "Lt.-Col. Ricardo Arístides Cienfuegos, the director of the Armed Forces Press Committee (Coprefa), was shot dead on March 7 while playing tennis in San Salvador; the assailants draped an "FPL-Farabundo Martí" banner over his head, but the Clara Elizabeth Ramírez Front claimed responsibility, saying that he had been shot for his role in the government's "disinformation campaign"." [For a corroboration see Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 1985 (United States Department of State, Washington, D.C.: February 1986), p.517.]

For information on the Frente Clara Elizabeth Ramírez, please refer to the attached excerpt of C.O. Maol in (ed.), Latin American Political Movements, (Harlow: Longman Group Publishers, 1985), p. 118.