Information on the exit-stamp policy of the Egyptian government [EGY6876]

According to one of the representatives of the Arab League in Ottawa, the Egyptian authorities put an exit-stamp in the passport of everyone (Egyptian or foreigner) who leaves Egypt (telephone interview, 17 December 1990).
A representative of the Egyptian Embassy in Ottawa claims that the Egyptian authorities stamp the passports of all the people who enter or leave Egypt regardless of their nationalities (telephone interview, 18 December 1990). The representative holds that the Egyptian immigration authorities also mention the date of entry and exit of all the passengers in their passports (Ibid.). According to the same source, these rules are applied to Egyptians and non-Egyptian who have dual citizenship whether leaving or entering Egypt while in possession of either Egyptian or other passports (telephone interview, 18 December 1990).
Corroboration of the above information is currently unavailable to the IRBDC.
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