1) Information on circumstances of death of Dr. Bavadra, Member of Parliament who was head of the NFL coalition; 2) Any reports on riots or activities as a result of his death-Fiji [FJI3087]

Please find attached the following documents which contain information on Timoci Bavadra's death and related events:
-From East Asia Daily Report - Australasia, (Washington, D.C.: Foreign Broadcast Information Service): "Deposed leader Timoci Bavadra dies of cancer" and "Indian Ambassador discusses expulsion", 3 November 1989, pp. 56-57; "Foreign media banned from Bavadra's funeral", 7 November 1989, p. 75;
-"New Turns in Racial Rivalry", in Asiaweek, 17 November 1989, p. 32;
-"India's ambassador in Fiji expelled", The Link (Vancouver), 1-14 November 1989, p. 14.

In brief, the attached articles state Timoci Bavadra died on of cancer soon after his return to Fiji, in the Western town of Viseisei. Indian temples were attacked with fire-bombs in Lautoka, Fiji's second largest city, and other places, while the Indian ambassador to Fiji was expelled following a speech considered controversial by the government of Fiji. [ Also reported in The Far Eastern Economic Review, 9 November 1989.]