Report: Iran Hangs Dutch Woman Detained In Election Unrest

Last updated (GMT/UTC): 29.01.2011 13:07

Reports out of Iran say an Iranian-Dutch woman detained after participating in protests against Iran's disputed presidential election in 2009 has been hanged.

Zahram Bahrami's execution appears to have been punishment for a conviction on other charges. State television says she was hanged today for possessing and selling drugs.

The report said that initially she was arrested for committing "security crimes," but it did not say what became of that case.

An AFP news agency report says Bahrami, an Iranian-born naturalized Dutch citizen, was reportedly arrested in Iran after joining a protest against the government during a visit to relatives in Iran.

Dutch officials are quoted as saying Iranian authorities had refused the Dutch Embassy access to Bahrami because Iran's government does not recognize her dual nationality.

The Dutch foreign minister summoned Iran's ambassador today. Dutch Foreign Ministry spokesman Bengt van Loosdrecht said the Dutch government was not immediately able to independently confirm reports that Bahrami had been executed.

compiled from agency reports