Information on the Tien Tao religion and the treatment of its followers by the authorities [CHN12592]

Sources available to the DIRB in Ottawa do not mention any religion designated by the term "Tien Tao." However, "Tien tao" may be associated with Taoism (or Daoism), the second most important stream of Chinese thought after Confucianism (Worden 1988, 10). The principles and practices of Taoism are observed mainly in the southern coastal provinces of China (Country Reports 1991 1992, 822). The Chinese authorities regard Taoism as an important contribution to the traditional Chinese culture and will tolerate the observance of its rituals inasmuch they do not conflict with the government efforts to eradicate superstition (Ibid.). No further information is currently available to the DIRB on the above mentioned topic.


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