Document Request [SUN8903]

Please find attached a copy of page 274 of Citizenship of the USSR (A Legal Study), an article on the adoption of a new citizenship law in 1990, and a copy of the new law on USSR citizenship as reported by the BBC on 18 June 1990.

BBC Summary of World Broadcasts. 18 June 1990. "Law On USSR Citizenship" in Sovetskaya Rossiya, 1 June 1990. (NEXIS)
The Current Digest of the Soviet Press. 27 June 1991. "Supreme Soviet Debate, Adopts Law..." in Izvestia, 23 May 1990.(NEXIS)
Shertov, V. Citizenship of the USSR (A Legal Study). Translated by Lenina Ilitskaya. Moscow: Progress Publishing, 1978.