1) Treatment of professionals opposing the Sandinista Government; 2) copy of Decree 1074 "Law of Maintenance, Order and Security". [NIC4827]


The treatment of opponents of the Sandinista regime, including professionals, can be viewed through the activities of the government-sponsored neighbourhood groups called Sandinista Defense Committees known by their Spanish acronym CDS. The CDSs were originally entrusted with 'weeding out' the remnants of 'somocismo' but later have been used for the harassment of anyone "... who happen[s] to express doubts about Sandinista wisdom." [1] The actual harassment was carried out by the CDS-controlled mobs known as 'turbas divinas' [2] which "attacked opposition rallies and the homes and workplace of people, rich and poor, who did not openly support the FSLN." [3]

This decree was not found in the sources currently available to the IRDBC.

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