1)"Black list" of people suspected of being against the government 2)"Mobile Unit" and its treatment of Seychelles citizens; 3)Treatment of members of the Seychellois National Movement, based in London, England; 4)Treatment of political opponents in the Seychelles; 5)Treatment of repatriated Seychellois [SYC1116]

1) No information is available to the IRBDC regarding a "Black List".

2) The attached excerpt from Africa Contemporary Record, notes that the Police Mobile Unit is the only armed unit of the police force. Its chief superintendent is a strong supporter of the current regime. No further information is available to the IRBDC regarding the Mobile Unit.

3) No mention is made, in sources consulted by the IRBDC, about threats against members of the London-based Seychelles National Movement. However, in November 1985, Gerard Horeau, former leader of the Mouvement pour la Résistance, was assassinated in London.

4) No information further to that provided in the DOS report is available to the IRBDC at this time, regarding the nature of direct and anonymous threats being made against Seychellois citizens.

5) For information on conditions within the National Youth Service, please see the attached section from Marcus Franda's book The Seychelles.


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