Information on the Asociación de Estudiantes de Derecho (AED) [SLV9507]

The following information was provided by a member of the Junta Directiva (unofficially translated as board of directors) of the Asociación de Estudiantes de Derecho - Roque Dalton (AED) (Law Students' Association) from the University of El Salvador in San Salvador (8 Oct. 1991).
The Asociación de Estudiantes de Derecho (AED) was founded in the 1950s. AED is active to this day and its membership is composed of students of the Law faculty of the University of El Salvador (UES). One of its primary functions includes "the advancement of the immediate needs of Law faculty students"(Ibid.). AED is institutionally recognized within the UES statute and is a member of the General Association of Salvadoran University Students (AGEUS).
In 1987-88 AED was actively involved in the establishment of socorro jurídico (unofficially translates as a legal aid clinic) in conjunction with other university representatives. Socorro jurídico is staffed by UES Law faculty students. This service is provided free of charge and is available to workers and unionists (Kinitzki 1986, 11).
AED also promotes student forums to analyze the different aspects of socio-political factors which affect El Salvador. Most recently (3 Oct. 1991), AED and AGEUS co-sponsored a forum on the New York accords.
Further information on this subject is currently unavailable to the IRBDC in Ottawa.

University of El Salvador, San Salvador. 8 October 1991. Telephone Interview with a member of the AED board of directors.

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