Information on the organization and leadership selection of the main political parties for the period 1992-1993 [ARG14603]

As discussed by telephone, in addition to the documents already available at your Regional Documentation Centre, please find attached several documents discussing the internal elections and leadership organization of the Justicialista (Peronist) and Unión Cívica Radical (UCR) parties. References to the organization or leadership structures of smaller parties could not be found among the sources currently available to the DIRB.

According to a staff member of the Embassy of Argentina in Ottawa, although every political party must meet certain legal requirements in order to register at the provincial or federal level, each party has its own statutes outlining the way in which it elects its leadership and organizes and conducts its affairs (30 June 1993).

Some of the attachments, however, describe an electoral law that would affect the organizational and financing practices of the political parties. Reports on the approval or promulgation of the law could not be found by 29 June 1993 among the sources available. Sources at the Embassy of Argentina were not aware of the referred law's approval or enactment. A copy of the electoral law currently in effect in Argentina has been requested from Buenos Aires by the Embassy. Should a copy of the law be provided to the DIRB, it will be forwarded to you in an update to this Response.


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