Information on whether the Acción Democrática Nacionalista (ADN) party has a youth membership, and if so, on what the minimum and maximum age requirements for youth membership are [BOL22373.E]

The information that follows was provided in a 24 November 1995 telephone interview by the secretary of the national executive director of the Acción Democrática Nacionalista (ADN) party in La Paz.

The youth branch or movement of the ADN has no specific name. The committee organizing the party's youth is called Coordinacion Nacional de Juventudes, and its national coordinator is Mr. Alan Farah. There is no minimum age requirement for participating in the ADN's youth branch. However, the maximum age for membership is 20 years; after that, members of the party's youth branch usually form part of a district or departmental political committee of the party.

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Acción Democrática Nacionalista (ADN) national executive office, La Paz. 24 November 1995. Telephone interview with secretary of the national executive director.