News articles providing a comparative analysis of the Canadian and United States immigration systems, 1992 [CAN11805]

Please find attached two articles that compare aspects of the immigration systems (not the refugee determination systems) of Canada and the United States. Additional articles on the subject could not be found among the sources currently available to the DIRB. However, a number of articles that refer to the Canadian and United States immigration systems, treated separately, can be found through on-line searches and at various libraries. A library that may be of particular interest in your research is at The Law Society of Upper Canada in Toronto, as it holds a number of publications that analyze legislation and its application.


Gannet News Service. 11 February 1992. Robert C. Gabordi. "Wealthy Immigrants not Choosing to Come to U.S." (NEXIS)

The Toronto Star. 23 September 1992. Daniel Stoffman. "The Gatekeepers."