Names of the prefect and parliamentarians of Vlorë region; main political actors in Himarë; role and responsibilities of Vasil Panariti; main political actors in the village of Himara in the region of Himarë [ALB42589.E]

Vlorë Region Elected Parliamentarians

The most recent parliamentary election in Albania took place between 24 June and 19 August 2001 (OSCE 11 Oct. 2001, 20). Albanians have a mixed electoral system with both proportional voting with 40 deputies elected based on party affiliation using party lists and a majoritarian component where one deputy is elected from each of 100 electoral zones (ibid., 4). In the 2001 election, the Socialist Party (PS) won each of the Vlorë region's six single-member electoral zones numbered 92 through 97 (ibid. 4 Oct. 2001, 10). The winning candidates included:

ZoneMunicipalityIndividualElected Party



Arben Malaj




Mezan Malaj




Fatbardha Shabanaj




Ardian Myalimaj




Eduard Alushi




Sabit Brokaj


Vlorë Prefecture

The Albanian Telegraphic Agency reported on 22 August 1997 that Prime Minister Fatos Nano of the Socialist Party appointed Tare Hamo as the Prefect of Vlorë and Arqile Liçi as his secretary (ATA 22 Aug. 1997). The Research Directorate found a reference to Hamo as prefect as late as August 2001 (ibid. 10 Aug. 2001); however, current reports identify the Prefect of Vlorë as Bashkim Habili (ibid. 23 Feb. 2004). The Research Directorate did not find reports specifying either Habili or Hamo's party affiliation from the sources consulted.

Himarë Municipality:

The most recent municipal election, which took place between 12 October 2003 and 25 January 2004, contested 384 mayoral positions across Albania (OSCE 25 Feb. 2004, 13). The Central Elections Committee announced Vasil Harilla Bollano of the Human Rights Union Party (HRUP) as the mayor of Himarë on 21 November 2003 (Albania 21 Nov. 2003). In the election, Bollano contested the position against Anest Perikli Dhimojani (Democratic Party, PD), Eduardo Foto Rexho (Christian Democratic Party, PDK), Jorgo Sokrat Goro (Albanian Workers' Party, PSSH), Milo Nikolla Petromilo (Democratic Socialists, PDS) and Ptoleme Foto Gjoka (Social Democratic Party, PSD) (Albania 2003).

Victor Mato of the PS was the preceding mayor of Himarë (ATA 25 Oct. 2000) after he defeated Bollano in the second round of elections of the October 2000 municipal election (ibid. 15 Oct. 2000). Before Mato, the aforementioned Anest Dhimojani was mayor (ibid. 5 Jan. 2000).

The Research Directorate was unable to find references to an individual named Vasil Panariti or references to a village of Himara separate within the municipality of Himarë.

This Response was prepared after researching publicly accessible information currently available to the Research Directorate within time constraints. This Response is not, and does not purport to be, conclusive as to the merit of any particular claim to refugee status or asylum. Please find below the list of additional sources consulted in researching this Information Request.


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