Procedure for becoming a fetish priest, areas in Ghana where fetish slavery (trokosi) is practised, and protection available to unwilling recruits, particularly with reference to the Nzema (update to GHA15760.E of 18 November 1993) [GHA33858.E]

The Nzema (Nzima), who number approximately 286,000, are located in the southwest corner of Ghana and into Côte d'Ivoire (Ethnologue 1996; Encyclopedia Britannica n.d.). However, several reports state that fetish slavery, known as trokosi, is practised in the Volta region, in particular the upper Volta and south-eastern parts of the country (Women's Action Mar. 1998; Global Slavery Resource Center n.d.; International Needs 9 Feb. 2000; ibid. n.d.).