Information on the status and right to Mexican citizenship of a child born in Mexico to Guatemalan parents, on the documentation required from Mexican parents to prove their citizenship when registering a child, and on whether possession of a Mexican birth certificate constitutes proof of Mexican citizenship [MEX15030]

A copy of Response to Information Request MEX15021 of 13 August 1993, which provides information on Mexican nationality and citizenship, should be available at your Regional Documentation Centre. This Response includes information on the regulations for issuing certificates of Mexican nationality, including details on the requirements and procedures. In addition, an official at the Consulate of Mexico in Ottawa provided the following information (30 Aug. 1993).

Under Mexican legislation, a person born in Mexico is entitled to Mexican citizenship, regardless of the parents' nationality. Any exceptions to this right or specific considerations are detailed in the Law on Nationality and Naturalization (attached to MEX15021). All that is required for official recognition of Mexican citizenship is a copy of the person's birth certificate and an ID card bearing the individual's a photograph. Unless the person is under the age of majority, a birth certificate alone is normally not regarded as sufficient proof, since there is no way to ascertain whether the person presenting the certificate is the same person to whom it was issued. Documents that can be used to support the legitimacy of a birth certificate include the voting card, the military service card and the driver's licence. The driver's licence normally states whether the individual is a Mexican citizen, and voting cards are issued only to Mexican citizens. Therefore, when registering the birth of a child, Mexicans usually need to show only their driver's licence or voting card to prove their citizenship.

Additional and/or corroborating information could not be found among the sources currently available to the DIRB.


Consulate of Mexico, Ottawa. 30 August 1993. Telephone interview with official.