Ghana Treatment of refugee returnees. [GHA6460]

Please find attached the following documents on the treatment of asylum seekers who returned to Ghana:

"Ghana Presents Citizens Detained for Attempt to "Embarrass the Government"", Accra Home Service [Accra, in English], 24 February 1987 at 2000GMT, reported by the British Broadcasting Corporation, Summary of World Broadcasts, 27 February 1987, ME/8503/B/1.

"Warning About False Evidence to Help Ghanaians Seeking Asylum Abroad", Accra Home Service, 30 May 1984 at 1300GMT, reported by the BBC-SWB, 2 June 1984, ME/7659/B/1.

For a complement of information, please find attached a few documents on the return of Ghanaian refugees returned from Nigeria:
Clarity, James F.

"Ghana Refugees May Reach 2 Million", The New York Times, 3 February 1983, p.A1.

"Ghanaian Reports on the Refugees Returning From Nigeria", Accra Home Service, 5 February 1983 at 0700 and 1100GMT, reported by the BBC-SWB, 7 February 1983, ME/7251/B/7.

"The Return of Refugees to Ghana", Accra Radio, 9 February 1983, reported by the BBC-SWB, 10 February 1983, ME/7254/ii.

"Ghanaian Leader's Injunction to Refugees", Accra Radio,
9 February 1983, reported by the BBC-SWB, 11 February 1983, ME/7255/ii.

"Ghana's Measures to Deal with the Refugee Problem", Accra Home Service, 7 February 1987 at 1800 and 2000GMT, reported by the BBC-SWB, 9 February 1987, ME/7253/B/1.