Treatment of Social Christian Party members (including cases of politically-motivated killings, disappearance or flight to seek asylum) since the 1988 Presidential election. [ECU7728]

A particular treatment awarded to, or cases of politically-motivated killings, disappearance or flight to seek asylum experienced by members of the Social Christian Party are not reported among the sources currently available to the IRBDC.

Please find attached a copy of some articles which summarize the case of former President León Febres Cordero, a leader of the Social Christian Party, who faced charges for misuse of public funds and was later acquitted. Abdal Bucaram, a former mayor of Guayaquil whose party apparently has been a short-term ally of the Social Christians, reportedly fled Ecuador to avoid arrest on charges of misuse of public funds. However, Abdal Bucaram was reportedly found guilty of the charges five years ago, and has now been provisionally acquitted by the same judge who tried him before (see attachments).

One of the attached reports indicates that the Social Christian Party (PSC) won the largest number of seats in the Legislative election that took place in mid-1990.

The attached reports include:
-"Impunity under debate", Andean Newsletter (Lima: Andean Commission of Jurists, monthly), No. 30/May 1989, p. 4;
-"Former Presidents facing charges", Andean Group Report (London: Latin American Regional Reports, Monthly), 8 March 1990, p. 7;
-"Legislative polls bad news for the ID", Andean Group Report, 2 August 1990, p. 6;
-"Febres and Bucaram Cleared", Andean Group Report, 11 October 1990, p. 3.

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