Information on whether the government of Israel denies financial and housing assistance and free Hebrew language courses to former Soviet immigrants who are Muslim but of Jewish descent [ISR12871]

The following information on the above subjects is based on the information provided by three representatives of the Embassies of Israel in Ottawa and Washington, D.C., who organized a meeting with three DIRB researches on 20 January 1993.
The government of Israel does not discriminate against any particular group of immigrants from the former Soviet Union. It offers a variety of assistance programmes to these immigrants, who include Jews, people of Jewish descent and non-Jewish spouses of Jewish immigrants.
The government of Israel considers a person as a Jew if that person has at least a Jewish grandparent and does not take into consideration the current religion of that person. Hence immigrants of Jewish descent whose current religion is Islam, for instance, are entitled to all the assistance programmes provided for Jewish immigrants.
Additional and/or corroborating information on the above subject is currently unavailable to the DIRB.

Embassy of Israel. 20 January 1993. Meeting with Representatives from Embassies in Ottawa and Washington, D.C.