New massacre in Ibilin of Jabal Al-Zawiya

The artillery of the Syrian regime, backed by Russian aircraft, committed a new massacre in the village of Ibilin in Jabal Al-Zawiya in Idlib countryside yesterday, Thursday 610-16-2021, causing numerous civilian deaths and casualties, most of them from one family.

Among those identified are the following:

1- Mohamed Abdel Hamid Al-Assi

2-Walid Sobhi Al-Asi

3-Abdullah Abdul Qadir Al-Assi

4- Tariq Al-Assi’s wife

5-Ibn Tariq Al-Asi

6-Walid Samih Harmoush

7-10 Four victims yet to be identified

This is in addition to 15 different causalities among women and children

The Syrian Human Rights Committee condemns the Syrian regime and its backers who take part in killing of civilians, and calls on the international community to condemn and stop these criminal acts, and add them to the regime’s criminal record against civilians.

Syrian Human Rights Committee