Daily Reports on Violations of Human Rights in Syria: 19/02/2014

The death toll on Wednesday 19/02/2014 reached 79 deaths, including six women and eight children.

Among the dead were three women from al-Asaliya (Damascus) executed at the hands of regime forces, a man in his fifties from Aleppo and a child from al-Yadudah (Daraa) that was killed in a car bomb explosion on 14/02/2014. Nine men from Kafr Hamra (Aleppo) were found in a mass grave in the city of Kafr Hamra in Qasr al-Khalidiya, an additional five men from al-Baab (Aleppo) were found in one of the farms in the surrounding areas of the city and a man in his twenties from Manbaj was shot by a sniper.

Activists also confirmed the killing of two journalists, the first from Nawa (Daraa) killed while filming clashes and the second from Aleppo killed while covering the fighting in Aziza.

Four were killed under torture: the first from al-Salehiya (Damascus), the second from al-Tawiti (Hama), the third from Raas al-Ain (Al-Hassaka) died under torture at the hands of the pro-regime group PKK and the fourth a man in his twenties from Abin Sam’aan (Aleppo).

As a result of the bombing of explosive barrels, a child and a girl from al-Yadudah (Daraa) were killed.

List of provinces according to numbers killed:

Aleppo: 47 including a woman and a man killed under torture.
Daraa: 12 including 6 children and a media activist.
Damascus and its suburbs: 8 including 3 women.
Idlib: 6 including 2 children.
Al-Hassaka: 2 women and a man killed under torture.
Hama: 2
Homs: 2

Total: 79 deaths.